It’s Never Too Cold to Learn a bit about Business Management!

Business Management Tour 06

On Sunday November 25, 2012, Farms at Work hosted a business management tour in pastured livestock at Kingsholm Farms in Campbellford, Ontario. Despite the cold temperature that day, the event was well-attended, with close to 30 participants donning their warmest toques, boots and mittens to ward off the beginnings of winter.

The tour was led by farm owner and operator, Kevin King, whose family has been raising livestock since 1879. We also had the pleasure of hearing from farm manager, Will. Both gentlemen regaled the group with stories of the difficulties and the satisfaction of raising livestock on pasture.

We got to meet Mr. Pig, one of Kingsholm’s finest Tamworth boars, and we heard from the farmers on their marketing and production strategies as they relate to pastured hog production. We also had the distinct pleasure of hearing directly from Max, Kevin’s Red Poll bull, on the quality of pasture life at Kingsholm Farms (he became very vocal once he was comfortable with the group). 


Business Management Tour 03
Business Management Tour 03


After the walking tour, we found ourselves greeted in front of the new barn by Margo, Kevin’s wife, who had graciously prepared hot chocolate, tea, coffee and home baked cookies for all the participants. It was definitely an unexpected and pleasant end to a chilly walk around the farm.

Farms at Work would like to thank the Ecological Farmer’s Association of Ontario for their support on this farm tour, as well as all the eager participants who braved the weather to learn about pastured livestock. And of course, we need to thank Kevin, Margo and Will at Kingsholm Farms for the generosity of their time, knowledge and hospitality. It was an absolute pleasure!

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming farm tours in your region!